capability and capacity


Operational since 2007, our logistics facility at Jebel Ali, constituting a major component of our global logistics network and serving as the nerve centre of our operations, is part of an AED 80 million expansion plan.  

It integrates nine metre high floor-to-ceiling racking units with a storage capacity of 27,500 cubic metres (425 forty-foot containers) and loading/offloading areas that can accommodate up to 12 containers simultaneously. Warehouse operations are completely computerised via INFOR 4000, one of the best available Warehouse Management Systems in the world. The Logistics Management Centre is designed to significantly improve the company's regional logistics and distribution capability. However, the main benefits are easy access to many more potential export destinations and the relief it provides to other warehousing and distribution centres across the UAE. Jebel Ali Free Zone was selected as the ideal location as it benefits from efficient infrastructure and suitable transport links which help improve logistics operations, reduce export costs, and ensure better service to regional branches.

The facility's logistics arm has delivered rapid returns on investment. Enhanced logistics operations, reduced export costs, and better access to regional markets have resulted in a 10% annual growth in the first two years of operation. 

Contributing to the enhancement of our partners' operational efficiency are our well-planned infrastructure, state-of-the-art storage and warehousing facilities, hi-tech hardware and software technology, accurate inventory management and efficient logistics network management.