Quality Management

Quality is an inherent part of the Al Bayader Group, and effective quality processes, procedures and practices, keep us on par with the best in the industry. Uniform, documented procedures have been implemented across the group and personal hygiene, good hygiene practices (GHPs) and good manufacturing practices (GMPs) are strictly adhered to.

All analyses relating to product and process quality and safety are addressed, evaluated and relevant control measures applied and monitored. Chemical and microbiological analyses and migration tests are conducted on a regular basis to ensure that all hazards associated with products and processes are controlled.

The Al Bayader Group is HACCP Certified by Bureau Veritas, one of the best globally recognised certification bodies, and we ensure continuous improvement of HACCP with regular internal audits and external audits by the certifying body every year.

A system of supplier approval in line with HACCP requirements has also been put in place and dedicated Quality Inspectors have been assigned to check the quality of supplies on receipt.