who we serve

Food Service Industry catered to under the Al Bayader® brand

Our diverse clientele in the global F&B industry spreads across hotels, casual dining restaurant chains, cafeterias, coffee shops, catering companies, foodstuff traders, meat/poultry/fish processing industry, fast food chains, international franchisees, bakeries, sweet producers, wholesalers, tour operators, leisure & amusement centres, schools & offices, hospitals, cinemas and government institutions such as palaces and defence forces.

We are also a major supplier for leading international and regional airlines.

Consumer Sector

comprising Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Fuel Station Convenience Stores catered to under the Fun® brand

Business Partners

  • The Jumeirah Group (Hospitality)
  • The BinHendi Group (Hospitality)
  • Carrefour - MAF Hypermarkets
  • Spinneys LLC
  • Lulu Hypermarkets - EMKE Group
  • Emirates Flight Catering
  • Del Monte
  • Al Hallab Restaurants & Sweets LLC
  • The Savola Group - Panda Hypermarkets
  • Etihad
  • Air Arabia